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  • Why is the Koehler Method more reliable than others?

Reliability off leash should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.”
Saved my dog's sanity as well as my own!
If your Jack Russell sees a cat running across the road in front of an oncoming car, do you think he will come if you have a treat in your hand? Is he going to look both ways before crossing? No way.
The tried and true Koehler method works every time. This method has been around and in print for many many years... because it works. While the touchy feely clickers & dog whisperers come and go like yesterday's news, the Koehler method has stood the test of time. Click n treat may be fine for the cream puff dogs, but for large breed and aggressive dogs, a clicker won't stop your dog from rushing past you out the door to bite someone. If you want the court to impound your dog and a leave you with $$$$$ fines by all means keep clicking. If you want happy obedient dog THAT LISTENS TO YOU, follow Koehler method.

  • What kind of dogs that responds well to the Koehler Method.

All kinds… from the extremely shy maltese that have to be drag out of the house or the aggressive rottweiler that sees every dog a challenge. The rehabilitation of an unsurpassed number of problem dogs, many of which have been referred to his classes by humane organizations and law forces as a last hope to avoid destruction.

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