18th February 1983.

Dear Mr Koehler,

My name is Harry Quek and I became a professional dog trainer twelve months ago. Thanks to you.

My first German shepherd dog was trained five years ago using the method you propound in The Koehler Method of Guard Training and until now I would constantly refer to this book whenever I feel the need to polish my skill.

I have the opportunity to demonstrate the results of your training method, the best of my understanding and skill, in the first German Shepherd Dog Specialty show. The judge, the President of the Police Dog Club from Taiwan, was impressed with my dog attentiveness and performance. From constantly referring to the book and applying the method you insisted, I not only found the method effective, but also the time training the dog. Your proven method gave me the confidence to handle problem dogs and help me to decide to take up training as a career.

Presently, every weekend I am assisting the Director of Training of the Singapore Kennel Club and the German Shepherd Club in conducting Obedience classes. I have shared my experiences with him concerning your method of training and so far he is quite pleased with my results in correcting problem dogs. He referred all his friends from the Rotary Club who want their dogs trained to me.

Mr Koehler, I am planning to go to the States in June to August. I would very much to improve my knowledge and skill in training dogs; and I felt you would be the best person I should approach. My understanding of your training methods has its limitation and I strongly feel that if I want to improve greatly I should learn from you personally. I am not sure of your program and I would be grateful if you could accommodate my request.

Again, I thank you for the things you have taught me in your book. I hope to hear from you soon.

Harry Quek was personally trained by Bill Koehler.

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