At twelve, Pat worked part-time for a large kennel in New York; began training professionally during High School. In 1967, he owned and operated a commercial kennel in New York, specializing in private obedience training. He served as an Instructor in the U.S. Army Sentry Dog Program in Vietnam, worked extensively in television commercials, and taped three dog segments for the  “Candid Camera” television show.

Pat joined the Koehler family in 1977, working on private, field and police assignments and now reside and took over from Bill Koehler" dog classes and kennel in Ontario, California when Papa Bill left to retire in Sequim, Washington, USA. Pat also did some training for Weatherwax, the owner of the popular Rough Collie, "LASSIE."

Papa Bill loved Pat and described him as the most 'Christian-Christian man.'  
Their two beautiful daughters ( cowgirls) are Grace and Julia. Joel and Andrew are always seen together since young
Daniel the eldest son's picture will be included when available.

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