1. Bill Koehler and his Legacy
  2. The Principles of The Koehler Method
  3. Theory (10 hours) and field work on Novice (15 hours) and Open ( 18 hours) Obedience
  4. Problems: Housebreaking, Destructive Chewing, Barking, Jumping on People etc.   
  5. Diet and Nutrition
  6. Basic  Grooming
  7. Common Skin and Health Care



  • Trainees from other countries are advised to bring in dogs that are 4 months and above.
  • Accommodation for trainees and dogs can be arranged. All costs will be borne by trainees.
  • Upon completion, the trainee will receive a Trainer certificate, a contract for 3 years with its terms and conditions.


Obedience Training

Novice - Open

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