Novice Obedience Training - 10 weeks

   Introduction to Obedience Training

   Lesson 1: Fables and Foibles

   Lesson 2: Correct Equipment

   Lesson 3: The Foundation

   Lesson 4: Heeling

   Lesson 5: Sitting

   Lesson 6: The Automatic Sit

   Lesson 7: The Sit-Stay


     Lesson 8: The Down

   Lesson 9: Down-Stay

   Lesson 10: Stand-for-Examination

   Lesson 11: Recall

   Lesson 12: Finish

   Lesson 13: Polishing

   Lesson 14: The Throw Chain

   Lesson 15: The Light Line


Lesson 16: Dont Lose It Use It

  • Bolting or Running Away, Fence and Gate Charging, Staying Home, Destructive Chewing 

  • Barking, Whining, Howling, Yodeling, Screaming and Wailing

  • Biting: The Protest Biter, The Overly Possessive Biter, The Chase-Happy Biter, The Sneak Biter

  • Housebreaking, The Dog Fighting Problem, Jumping on People, Over-Exuberance, Hole Digging

  • Poison Proofing, Stealing, The Predator, Carsickness

  • Obedience Competition


Obedience Training

Novice - Open

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