Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the Koehler Method of Dog Training?

It teaches you how to ensure that your dog is paying attention to you at all times, and either obeys your commands, or suffers the consequences of his actions. This is NOT punishment. The dog decides. The dog learns. This not only gives him self-confidence, but also gives him a feeling of security because he knows he is doing the right thing.

  • What Can the Koehler Method do for my dog?

  1. Become more emotionally stable.

  2. Gain higher confidence.

  3. Possess a keener capacity for learning. It instills obedience and obey you the first time and every time, anywhere On or off leash!

  4. Be able to adapt to new situations and handle fresh challenges

  5. Remain relaxed and self-assured in the presence of a veterinarians, show judges, guests etc.

  6. Realize full potential to be a well-behaved and reliable companion and family protector

  7. The Koehler Method can literally save your dog’s life.

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