Harry Quek specialized in breeding, raising and training German Shepherd dogs since the late 1970ís. I co-founded the German Shepherd Club of Singapore with Ernest Koford, a Danish-American who had since gone back to USA.

Bill Koehler, Bullet and Roy Rogers.

One of my 12 months old locally bred German Shepherd was sold for $17,000.00 and the record still stands today.

The puppies that I bred were sound in structure and temperament and grown to be companions my clients were proud to show-off. My first two bitches were trained in Obedience and Personal Protection using the Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training.

The dogs were so reliable that my son when he was 9 years old took one of my dogs to his school the whole morning and later the principal took her on stage to give a demonstration.

Should you be looking for a professional to consult in selecting a German shepherd, puppy or adult dog, I will glad to be of service to you.

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