You can teach old dogs new behavior

Mr. B was a retired agriculturist and suffered from high blood pressure. His daughter went for overseas studies and left her 6-years old German shepherd behind. When B calls me up, after his dog tried to attack another dog in a park. His dog has a history of terrorizing dogs in the neighborhood. So well known was her reputation that the neighbors’ dogs would retreat into their houses when B’s dog was taken out for exercise.

We had started 2-week lesson when B and his dog joined us on the 3rd week. The first thing that B’s dog did when he approached the training ground was to charge at the nearest dog. It was chaotic trying to get the class started. So explaining to the class what needed to be done, I instruct B to put his dog on the choke chain correctly and hooked on to the longe-line and head forward to the dog 30 feet in front of him. I specifically remind Mr B under any circumstance, he was to continue moving forward and not look back. When I tap him on the shoulder he would hand the loop of the longe-line and KEEP ON WALKING FORWARD.

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