Rottweiler hates bus commuters.

Mr Y brought a beautiful well-structured trained adult rottweiler from overseas. He must have been over a 100 pounds. Everything looks very good except that the dog had a serious disposition flaw. He hates people standing at the bus-stops. The dog could do all the Novice exercises flawlessly when he was isolated from other dogs with the leash on. The new owner did not want to take the risk by keeping him on the leash always. I told the owner that the dog needed obedience training. I had to explain to him that just because a dog can sit, down and do all the rest of the exercises mean that he is obedient. Far from it! Obedience means simply responding to the owner’s command. No arguing, protesting or excuses. When a dog is on the down-stay; and the owner goes into a store, the dog should remain in the same position until the owner returns and released him with the command, “Okay.” Should a dog or even a cat pass by. It is not the dog business to get up. This is what we can defined as an obedient dog.

I started Rocky (the rottweiler) out early in the morning on a longe-line. Irregardless of his previous training, I want to instilled in him the foundation of attentiveness.  Yes, you heard me right. Rocky was bought with the purpose of protecting Mr Y and his family. He needed to keep his eyes on the family members all the time and go into action if he sees something amiss. Therefore he must have a solid foundation of attentiveness.

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