Beautiful dachshund Ugly disposition

I got a call from professional couple. They owned a 10 years old mini dachshund. There were 3 issues.

  • The dog was anti-social. When any friend paid them a visit, the dog would bark until the visitor leave.

  • He peed all over the wall-to-wall carpeted house

  • He had bitten several neighbors when they happen to be in the same lift.

Every morning five times a week I personally took him out to the street and trained him. At the first day training, it took several minutes before we can put the metal training collar on him. I told the owner to trust me and also told him that the dog might have bleeding paws for the next few days. I also guaranteed them that it is part of the dog attempts to challenge and discourage me to transformed his behavior. So the bleeding paws are not to be fussed and will healed not too long when the dog respond and wise up to my instructions. As the training progress, the owner can observe the dog behavior going through a gradual change. The only request he made as I handed him the dog on the last day of training, he remarked that the dog is still peeing over the place. I told him to confine the dog for one hour and then released him. I guaranteed him the dog will head

toward the toilet. The ten weeks of training had instilled him a sense of responsibility. The dachshund proved the Koehler Method works every time no matter how challenging the problem is.

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