A holistic approach saved pug from being put down

When my pug puppy was about 6 months old, she was diagnosed with demodex skin disease causing rash and hair loss. It is not uncommon for puppies when their immune system is still fragile. The vet had given her antibiotics and skin treatment medication but very little improvement was noticed. Final treatment was started and the vet advised that if this would fail to achieve the results, that there would be the possibility of having to put her to sleep in the future as she would suffer too much from the rash and additional skin infections.

Dita (my dog) was also very shy and afraid even when trying to lift her up. She also would never walk up or down the stairs and our flat is only accessible for dogs by the stairs so this became a problem. Her body composure was very instable and insecure.

During our weekly visits to Bishan park dog run, we met Harry and we asked for some information about training. He noticed the skin problem and gave us some practical tips but also informed us that Dita needed a boost in self confidence as that would help her to build up her immune system. we therefore decided to start the obedience training with Harry and already after two lessons did we see a serious change in behavior of Dita. She would stand much more stable on her legs, the rasah disappeared and the hair started to grow and very soon after that, she began walking up the stairs. Her self confidence grew week after week and finally the vet declared her free from the infection and all other treatment could be stopped.


- 22nd February 2009

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